Clarification of the NEJM article on phosphatidylcholine and TMAO
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  The study cites that dietary phosphatidylcholine / Lecithin increases the pro-atherosclerotic metabolite trimethylamine-N-oxide TMAO by metabolism through the intestinal flora. The study was done by feeding participants two hard boiled eggs with d9- labeled phosphatidylcholine.
  Egg yolk derived phosphatidylcholine consists of a choline head group and two saturated fatty acid chains. This is lecithin. Plaquex on the other hand has two unsaturated fatty acid chains and is not lecithin. To see a small presentation about phosphatidylcholine, click here. In this short presentation you will see that it is well known that saturated fatty acid chains in PC will cause atherosclerosis. Possibly, the mechanism is through the elevation of TMAO.
  In addition, Plaquex IV bypasses the intestine completely, so it can't be metabolized by the intestinal flora.